If you have great songs but need someone to bring them to life, I may be available to produce your music.  Whether you need complete record production, live drum tracks, studio musicians, vocal sessions, replaying of samples, or original horn lines.....please contact me!  

If I like your music and you have a budget, I may be available to produce your music.  

Email me for rates and availability:

Full Production Packages:  I can produce your song or project from start to finish.  (Recording, Mixing, & Mastering)

Live Tracks Live Drums, Keys, Bass, Guitar, and more.  If I can't play it, I have access to the best musicians in NYC who can.

Horn Lines:  Bring your music to the next level with LIVE horns!

Mixing & Mastering

Song Writing:  If you have great ideas, but don't have the means to bring them to life, I can help.

What Artists who've worked with Pat have to say:
"I'm consistently blown away by the sounds I get back from Pat. His instrumentation is unique and stands out on its own, yet he manages to make it fit each track perfectly  - it’s a beautiful thing. Will continue to go back to Pat for added depth and flavor to my beats. Highly recommended!" - Nu Vintage (Bay Area Producer) 

“PVD is a joy to work with. He has incredible feel, a humble attitude and is a great hang. We spent a day in the studio together and came out with drums for 9 songs ready to go. Can’t recommend him enough!” - Summer Starved (Richmond Virginia  Artist & Producer) 

"I was already a big fan of PVD's music when I've reached out to him to help me produce my debut album 'Forrest Street'. Pat was super friendly and easy to communicate from the get-go, considering we were in two very different time zones. Loved his approach to production and couldn't be happier with the result we got in his studio, especially the horn arrangements he wrote for the songs." - Fernando Aragones of Animal Ventura (Sydney, Australia-based Artist & Songwriter)