New Releases to watch out for....

John Robinson & PVD:  Full Length Studio LP (Titile TBA).

After years of rocking shows together, JR & PVD are in the lab crafting a full length studio LP combining the soulful breakbeat styles of PVD and JR's conscious, intelligent lyricism.  Special guests include Melinda Camille, Purple Haze, as well as a wide array of guest musicians.  Expect a diverse musical journey throughout this LP.  


An instrumental release featuring trio interpretations of recently released tunes, as well as new material.  PVD's "Trio" EP will feature Jordan Scanella on bass, and David Stolarz on keys.  A return to the soul-jazz sound heard on PVD's 2005 debut: Down for The Get Down,  the Trio EP will be available by year's end.  Stay tuned.

PVD Breaks Volume II

PVD returns to the drum chair to record the 2nd installment in this series of all original breakbeats.  PVD Breaks is a series of releases aimed at producers, samplers, and DJs tired of chopping up the same drum breaks.  PVD Breaks Volume II includes ROYALTY-FREE Original LIVE breakbeats played by yours truly.