2013 Recap

2013 was a damn good year!  I saw a lot of projects that were a long time in the making, finally come to fruition.  I played a ton of great shows, made lots of great music in the studio, and made new connections with talented individuals eager to take things to the next level.  Take a moment to reminisce with me....

8thW1 (Darryl) and I began work on a full length studio record in 2012 and we teamed up with DJ KO and Elementality Productions to release Lux DeVille in May of this year.  After nearly a 3 year break, fans, bloggers, and DJs welcomed 8th back and appreciated the new sound of Lux DeVille.  We had the chance to bring our live show to Live at The Loft for TONE's incredible house party / live web series as well as sign a fruitful licensing deal with Black and Mild Tobacco products.  Look out for a new Lux DeVille EP in 2014.  

My long overdue instrumental LP "Technicolor HI-FI" finally saw a release in 4th quarter of this year.  An opportunity to record my original tunes with some of my favorite musicians and switch hats from not only producer, but drummer & bandleader, I couldn't be more proud of how the record turned out.  Cotter Records released the record on gorgeous limited edition clear vinyl and the good folks from Jersey City vinyl culture collective; Open Crates funded the bonus 45 included with the LP which features remixes from Lux DeVille and John Robinson.  DJ KO and Elementality Productions handled the digital release.  DJs, vinyl collectors, and fans worldwide have been incredibly supportive of this release and I look forward to starting out 2014 right with the record release show at the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club on January 3rd.  I could not have made this record without the talents of Jesse Fischer (Soul Cycle), Josh David Barrett (Q-Tip / Judah Tribe), Jordan Scannella, Brian Coloumbe, Keenan Ormsby, John Robinson, Ramon Rodriguez, Joel Porto (Bobby Garcia), Alessandro Perrotta,  and Darryl Murphy (8thW1).  Look out for the follow up to Technicolor HI FI in 2014. 

After the incredible response from DJs and vinyl collectors for our limited edition vinyl release of Miles & Trane in 2012, John Robinson and I made it a priority to finish our full length album together this year.  With only 8 songs complete, we signed a deal with Boston's Brick Records, and completed the 17 track album.  Modern Vintage features an incredible cast of musicians and collaborations with such legendary hip hop artists as Sadat X (of Brand Nubian), El Da Sensei (of The Artifacts), Shabaam Saadiq, ID 4Windz, as well as up and coming singers; Arin Maya, and Melinda Camille.  JR is a true veteran in this business and it has been a pleasure to craft this record with him.  JR and I also had the opportunity to bring our live show to Live at The Loft for another memorable evening.  Stay tuned for Modern Vintage from John Robinson & PVD on Brick Records in 2014.

Aside from that, I played some great gigs with Jersey City rock band; The One and Nines, made a few bucks leading my own club-date band for some wealthy corporate clients, recorded a funky synth christmas jam under the alias Max Digatron, recorded and produced recordings for aspiring singers in my humble Jersey City studio, and tracked drums for some happy clients.  I couldn't have accomplished half of what I did this year without the help of my growing team of supporters.  Audio engineers, graphic designers, videographers, musicians, publicists, label owners, journalists, bloggers, DJs, fans, friends, and family all continue to motivate and inspire me.  Truly, I thank you.    

A short list of people I owe a sincere thank you to for all of their hard work on my behalf this year:

Jessica Van Dyke (my beautiful wife and mother of my 3 kids)

Brian Coloumbe (Cotter Records)

Keenan Ormsby (Elementality Productions)

Anthony TONE Torsiello (Live at The Loft)

Darryl Murphy (Lux DeVille)

Ramon Rodriguez (Co-Pilots)

John Robinson

Alessandro Perrotta (AVP Audio Engineering)

Jesse Fischer

Josh David Barrett

Rich Polatchek

Bryan Beninghove

Joel Porto (Engineer / Videographer)

DJ Mentplus

Steven Royster (Open Crates Vinyl Culture Collective)

Andre Jimenez (Open Crates Vinyl Culture Collective)

Iquan Worthington (The Artaholiks)

I look forward to 2014.  Look out for more and THANKS for tuning in!